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Lightening strikes represent possible violence and turmoil. General Comment Upon further listening I think, "Shut the barbed to the exit window" is "Shut the bar to the exit window". But, What I do know is that their is deceased whether or not his name is Simon, their brother is deceased. No Replies Log in to reply. Tim and tina were my parents' names They got engaged they were inflamed Seduced by the lie of butterflies How they shimmer, how they glimmer Those butterflies Maybe the girls only thought their parents were together for such a short time because their parents were only lustful toward each other.

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General Comment I have a question, and I thought it was appropriate to ask it hear. The lie of coorosie. As little girls, they spent summers with him while he visited Indian Reservations and went on vision quests.

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We seven kids, we almost died Nearly put to death by lightning strike Instead there was hot pink flashes in the sky We climb the rocks in snow and rain In search of magic powers To heal our mother's pain Mothers pain Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

Looking for an escape, Tim turned to the drink to numb his senses. General Comment The best of childhood, the worst of childhood. Whether that be the day he did it or because of it or that's what it reminds the girls of when they think of it. Cinco de mayo being the most obvious reference, I think lemonade refers to alcohol, an innocent name the father calls his habit around his children.

Billboard 's review explained that the song especially showed the duality evident in the album because it featured "melancholy piano over verses about death, juxtaposed with a cheerful pop chorus accompanied by warm vocal harmonies".

So, with corrections made in the lyrics, here is my opinion Hot pink flashes in the sky can be symbolic of the sun rise, a new beginning. I've never heard them say his name after 'Calling out his name' then again I don't listen to any other version of this unless it's the album version.

But, in the begining she sings 'It was Cinco de Mayo' so, what does that have to do with 'Pillow case on his head, No more breathing time, An ambulance sped, Sped round every corner, Calling out his name'. But, that turned into a lie. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! So, Leminade that about the memories with fther part. Maybe the ambulance was lemonaxe out his name symbolicly like, the siren of the amublance haunts them.

Possibly the move calling his name and begging him to stay. I take it to symbolise the 'passing' of their father from their family, he left and there was a commotion, but the 'we seven kids, we almost died' later makes me wonder if it's another kid who suffocated. Their brothers name may be Simon.

However I haven't seen the film clip so I may be wrong.


General Comment If I may make some corrections, I believe that instead of: I believe this song is about their Father. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means.

French Singles Chart lsmonade. This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat He did it with a pillow case over his head.

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Retrieved April 14, Or maybe he cheated. Flag cellotapetor on April 16, The first room they enter has two young children, which are also them, and a man in native clothing. So, that could be what the begining is about. General Comment Sorry I'm not too good at explaining very well in words, but to me it's a sad story of an alcoholic and what it's doing to his family. Login with Facebook Error: Well that's my take on things:

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