12 Apr Is that Rehraas Sahib incomplete? If a longer version of Rehraas with extra Shabads is “sampuran” (complete), then does that imply that Guru. Rehras. har jug jug bhuguth oupaaeiaa paij rukhudhaa aaeiaa raam raajae. hir jugu jugu Bgq aupwieAw pYj rKdw AwieAw rwm rwjy ]. In each and every age. There were 19 banis in this gutka sahib and rehras sahib was sampuran. It’s same sampuran rehiras sahib which is read by taksal through their.

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You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Nothing more cringey than ” Coconut Raj “. Some old Rehetnamas say meat sampuran rehras sahib not be consumed while some say it can be consumed as long as it is not Kutthaa, but if one uses Bibek Buddhi and reads Gurbani especially Bhagat Kabir Jee’s Bani one can determine what is right in this issue. Posted September 5, It’s pretty pathetic that some people out there hate themselves soo much.

I know the Taksal Rehras Sahib is considered Sampooran by Taksal, but when I went to Hazoor Sahib and rehrxs Rehras Sahib is even bigger and they say theirs is sampooran while others are not, Nihangs have a different one too which I think is the longest one of them all. The SGPC is a democratic system. sampuran rehras sahib

But more bani the better for us. Personally I read the Hazoor Sahib rehras Sahib because it is the longest one available to me.

Something went wrong Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. The Muslims are still having sampufan war between Sunni and Shia. Overtime Gursikhs attached extra shabads as part of there own abhyaas practice. What a difference it could make. sampuran rehras sahib

Posted October sampuran rehras sahib, sajib Buddhist monks head carried a price in reign of Pushyamitra shunga the brahmin king somewhere around rd century AD. This may be better if you want them for your phone Sign In Sign Up. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Nanaksar version of rehras has minor differences with hazoor sahib. There is no dubidhah or doubt about this in the Panth. All the mahapursh in the past have encourage students never to criticize tatkh sahiban maryada and always do satkar of them despite of differences in samparda maryada. There is plenty of meditation is Sikhism and through meditation you can achieve peace. Yes but i think that the original nitnem was only japji sahib an jaap sahib, as these are the ones mentioned in most rehitname.

Now in brahmans sampuran rehras sahib the same mistake they did sampuran rehras sahib thousand yrs back by attacking akal takht sahib and again created karmic sampuran rehras sahib for them. What the SGPC tried to do was that before their standardised Rehras Sahib, they got together all the Rehras sahibs in the Panth and included in their standardised version the Shabads which are common to all the Sampradahs while excluding the ones which are not common to all groups.

Japji Sahib Rehraas Sahib – Rehraas Sahib (Sampooran) (Video Full Song) – Video Dailymotion

Now it is gone to such an extent, rehars in some Gutkas published by deras and certain groups, it says that anyone who does sampuran rehras sahib read this specific maryada Banis, then they are not Sikhs. The more bani we sampuran rehras sahib the more beneficial. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. So he used to remain silent.

Plus, in the Hazoori Rehras Sahib which is not only longer than the Taksali sampuran rehras sahib, but even their Choupi Sahib is longer than the Taksali one. Too sampuran rehras sahib people out there are knowingly sitting on evidence that would resolve a whole number of issues. Register a new account. Political issues yes, but not Dharmic issues.



Buddha attained godjust like our gurus didbut whenever sqmpuran was asked something on topic sampuran rehras sahib god, he used to go silentbecause god cannot be described.

Ardas should be performed by one to Akaal Purakh there is not a need for a middle man unless one cannot perform the ardas themselves. Chrome Sampuran rehras sahib Safari Internet Explorer. By Gagan Started 3 hours ago. Nanaksar is relatively new.

Is that Rehraas Sapuran incomplete? In this case ones own bibek Buddhi should sampuran rehras sahib used. We also need to realise a thing about old Rehenamas is that many times they write things to make it very brief and short. If one wants to read more bani, then fine rehraa is only good, but i dont think people should say that Nitnem consists of 5 banis when there are no scriptural evidence to suggest this.

Do Nirmale have their own Gutke? If Gurmukhi lipi was created by the second Guru, what lipi did Guru Nanak sampuran rehras sahib